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Roots to empower your nature is about re-connecting with the ancestral wisdom in you, with the nature you are and the nature around us.

It’s about experiencing through your body the presence of your nature, your soul, the presence of our ancestors.

It’s about recovering the wisdom of the ancients that new exactly how to live deeply connected with nature and in harmony with own-self and each others.

Its about taking your place in the chain of your ancestors and go through light and dark to find who you really are.

It´s about getting stronger trough your own experience of rising your nature and feeling the courage to manifest yourself, walk your own path, in your own rhythm, in your own way, following your deepest truth.

It’s about getting active in doing concrete actions to take care of our planet, our Earth, our home.

Dance your own dance, sing your own song, write your own texts, speak your own words. Feel your body is your nature and your home. You are the power inside of you, love expression, the sun and the moon. Open yourself, for your soul make a space, by moving and breathing, barefoot on this earth. (Gabriela-Roots to empower your nature)

Just trust, give yourself that chance, you are not alone, let the journey begin.

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