Nature yoga


Breath deeply… feel your nature


Yoga is an holistic self-care/help method where we slow down to be present in this moment. During the practice we bring our attention to own body wich helps us to realize that we are really here, concretely right here and right now. Yoga practice helps us to understand that everything we need is inside of us or can be developed from within by practicing: strength, peace, own body-our home…

Our self-confidence and  our physical condition develope with every practice when we get in touch with our body’s inner world. One after another practice our awareness grows up and at the same time our capacity of being present. Our body, feelings and mind settle down with the environment in the way we really need.

During the practice we do different yoga positions that in the case of Nature yoga are more yoga-movements that happened in harmony with our breath. An aware practice opens space in the body: to move, to rich, to feel your weight, to breath easily, to relax and also to rest.

The the mind find peace through slowing down, moving and breathing the muscles get eased and we can sense freedom. Yoga is a wonderful self-care method that can support almost every stage in the human life cycle.

The practice helps us also to get in touch with our feelings, becoming more aware of them as well about our thoughts, we learn to hear the messages of own body and from that whole concert reality we can find the connection with our soul.

Yoga gives us a resting time from the too fast rhythm of society and gives us the possibility to spend quality time with ourselves-in peace and in awareness.

We go through the path of yoga one step at the time, there is no hurry. And even the path is eternal, yoga’s wonderful effects are possible to experience from the very first practice.


Yoga strength us physically and psychically. Yoga is cleaning out from our body what we don’t need, and making space for new energy to come into the body and nourish it. This is the way in which nature cycles keep life going on and on.

In Nature yoga we connect through our bodies with the cycles of nature. We connect our practice with the cycles of the sun, the different seasons, and with the cycles of the moon. Through the practice of Nature Yoga you get deeply aware of your own cycles and how they are communicating with the cycles around you.

We practice mainly outdoors in nature, to nourish our bodies by experiencing what we are: we are nature.

Nature Yoga is a peace, freedom and strength manifest of deep respect to nature every time we practice. It is recognizing your body as nature, your home, the home of your soul.

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