The Moon’s red path


Women main quality is to be cyclical, that means, as a women we embody nature’s cycles eternal dance. In The Moon’s red path we learn about the wisdom of our own menstrual cycle in relation with the moon and other main nature’s cycles discovering our concrete place as human-woman in the whole nature cycle of life.

We walk this path to aknowledge our womeness in body, mind and soul. We open to realize the presence of feminine and masculine energy in ourselves always interacting and moving, we learn to know them and how to serve from them in the different moments of our life. We get to experience how we are one with nature and how this connection nourish, inspire and empower our path as women.

We learn to recognize and use our powers: to let go, to heal, to give birth, to create, to dive deep inside yourself to hear, feel and know your very own truth.

“When your first menstruation comes, all the knowledge about the experiences of your women-ancestors wake-up. Your menstruation is telling you, in a strong metaphoric way, how your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother an so on, where managing to go through life. When you where in the womb of your mother you got that information that programs you, but the problem is that, even you ancestors did the best they could, this program is not updated for you. So to get in connection with your cycles and understanding their deep meanings are a fundamental need for a women’s empowerment.” (Gabriela Ariana)

During the path:

-We learn to recognize how the cycles of nature manifest in women’s life.

-We acknowledge Waxing, Full, Winning and New moon’s influences in nature and in own body as nature.

– We learn about menstrual wisdom and its transformative powers.

– We learn and recover ritual, meditation and archetypes work, why to do it, when and how.

-Through the practice of trancedance, we develope own connection and expression, we “give birth” own power dance, singing and breathing in awareness.

– We do meditative clay-craft, we learn different self-care treatments and the basics of healing.

– We practice guided drum meditation and learn the basics of “diving” and searching for recovering the connection with our ancestors.

-We learn the basics of the method Women’s roots retrieval, for women sexual organ’s well being and hormonal balance.

>>>This path opens the possibility to see and experience yourself from a different point of view, valuing own light and own shadow as equally important in order to find ourselves as we are and get empowered for real.<<<

I have worked with women already over 22 years. I am so thankful for this possibility to be year after year guiding sisters and witness the amazing capacity of women to heal, and empower by giving birth to own self again and again.

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