Drum meditation


The Drum meditation is a grounding and empowering experience.  The drum’s beat encourage you to get in touch with your inner world by creating a rhythmical vibration that travels through the skin and vibrate each one of your cells. In Finnish language the traditional word for drum is “kannus” that comes from the verb “kannusta” which means  “to encourage” So this rhythmical beat takes you with and helps you to go deep in a particular state of meditation at first and then by practicing more and more can open deeper levels of trance-a kind of deeper level of meditation-

The Drum meditation can help you to solve many kind of matters in an holistic way. Even the symptoms can show to be only physical or emotional or soul’s related they are always a mixed of all of them.

The Drum meditations works in your body as much as you need, if you are just too stressed or overwhelmed you can find relief only by breathing quietly and listening the drumming. If you have more complicated issues the drumming will open deeper things.

The Drum meditation can be a way to wake up your energy and creativity, to develop better concentration levels and deeper awareness of yourself.

The Drum meditation is a strong experience and that’s why is so recommended to begin your practice with an experienced person that can guide you to have a safe experience. 

The Drum meditation that I guide and teach is the result of an all life of being in connection with a worldview that support it and nourish it and from 7 years of studies with the Finnish shamans Susanna Aarnio and Johannes Setala at the Center of Finno-ugric shamanism.

What happens in a our Drum meditation

We start taking a clear and strong contact with own body through simple movement-breath exercises, bringing our attention peacefully towards own inner world.

During the meditation we seat or lay down on the floor in circle. Before the drumming I clean the energy of participants and space using different herbs or woods. I open the session with my voice using sounds and words. I guide you to go slowly in a state of deep relaxation where your body and mind get peacefulness and a sense of freedom can be born. As the body gets deeper into this state you can sense that something start to move inside even you are quite. Without any effort, just letting your weight drop to the earth, your metabolism gets active, your inner energy vibrate and wave and it is from this moving that things can start happening: cleansing, healing, finding, felling…

At the end of the meditation I guide you to “come back” and we can share in the circle our experiences.

You don’t need a previous experience in meditation or drumming to take part in a Drum meditation. This experience always suitable for everybody, but if you have a serious heart disease or you are  in the beginning go your pregnancy it is recommended to tell to the circle’s holder. A Drum meditation for families where small kids and babies it has many differences of the one we do among adults.  Family Drum meditation are a very beautiful and nourishing way for creating a common experience and connect at a very different level.

I offer Drum meditation in different places in Finland an abroad. Also Drum meditation is an important part of many of my workshops, courses, mentor-programs and trainings.

You can also experience a Drum meditation only for yourself, for you and friends, for you and your partner, at your working place, with your son or daughter…

If you are interest to experience this Drum meditation please contact me to juurakonvoima (at) gmail.com

For one person: 45€ (45 min)

For two persons: 75€ (75 min)

For groups: ask for an offer! (90-120 min)


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