Root’s presence retrieval

Your body is nature, the place from where you find your soul.

Let’s get started from this area that is all women power source. Creation alchemia happens in the same place from where we are able to let go: the pelvic bowl.

The pelvic bowl is the center of all centers of energy in the body: vagina, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and the all nerves, muscles, veins, arteries and bones that integrate and form this amazing center. This energy center works in a perfect relationship with all the rest of the body and in a constant interaction with each experience of our life. This center is our real an concrete base of life as women, a presence of life’s and nature wisdom in our bodies.

Your body is nature. This part of your body that is flesh and bones is nature and function under the nature’s law. Nature’s wisdom then it is found also from your body.

You can learn about nature wisdom only by being and experiencing nature. We can learn nature’s wisdom getting in connection with it, surrendering to it, diving in to it. In the same way we can connect with the wisdom of our bodies.

Have you ever thought what is the source of earth and nature’s power? What is this force that keeps our planet going on? At certain point this planet was born and since then has being going, because this that was born is a cycle that continues and continues.

Life is sustained by a big cycle that contains many smaller cycles. This cycles give birth what life needs, destroy what is not needed anymore, nourished and harvest harmoniously always in the right moment. In our women bodies happen the same cycles than in surrounding nature, our planet and even in relationship with the universe.

In the body of a women we find this own cycle’s center, this own source of power in our pelvic bowl. That is why is so important to bring your attention and really get to know what is this center and its cycles in an holistic way. Each physical part of the pelvic bowl keeps information and meanings about our selfs, they carry our own experiences and the experiences of our ancestors, so taking care of this center influence our life comprehensively.

When your first menstruation comes, all the knowledge about the experiences of your women-ancestors wake-up. Your menstruation is telling you, in a strong metaphoric way, how your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother an so on, where managing to go through life. When you where in the womb of your mother you got that information that programs you, but the problem is that, even you ancestors did the best they could, this program is not updated for you. So to get in connection with your cycles and understanding their deep meanings are a fundamental need for a women’s empowerment.

When we develop awareness of our BASE, we get strong. Is like for a tree growing its roots down and down to the ground, anything can happen around but with strong roots we will be able always to re-nourinsh, recover, heal, grow and stand up tall.

All your experiences influence on the health of your pelvic bowl, including all its cycles, and at the same time the condition of your pelvic bowl influence in all aspects of your life.

You probably notice the feeling in your chest or stomach when you are worry about something. Maybe you get pain in your back when you are stressed. Also you realize how your chest open and get easy when your happy or how your diaphragm relaxes on holidays. Just in the same way each one of the organs, nerves, muscles of our pelvic bowl react in relation with each one of your feelings, thoughts and all the experiences you live reacting in a different ways depending on the experience: stressed, relaxed, too stresses, too relaxed, keeping toxins and blocks from bad or trauma experience and so on.

Over 22 years working with women have gave me a large experience in this theme, especially over the last 15 years working through traditional healing where concretely include touch, contact and massage, I have notice the strong relationship of the different parts of our pelvic bowl that related with our experience and with the experiences of each woman’s mother linage that are hidden in the memories of the womb. From the pelvic bowl is possible to find areas that are under extreme stress or places where the muscular tone is too weak. Many women with whom I have being working notice that some areas are very easy to sense and others are like absents.  For some of them have being in the beginning really difficult to have any sense of presence in this area. Taking contact with this areas opens memories and feelings that tells us about big issues that they being carrying for years in their bodies and that they haven’t had the possibility to face and solve. This issues, happenings, even traumas have stayed hidden but still actively influencing all our cycles, all our being. Whether they came from our life or are memories of our mother linage.

It is not the same to live your life being aware of your pelvic bowl than not, as it is not the same for a tree to be able to deepen its roots to the ground or not.

It is time to get back home to our bodies, back to our roots, to our pelvic bowl. It is for your wellbeing, happiness and freedom. It is for nature and for life. It will heal us all.

Your pelvic floor, your hip joins, all the muscles around the pelvis, the vagina, the ovaries, the fallopian tubs let you know that something needs to be healed through pain or functional disorders. This are all messages that your roots are needing your attention and care, some of them can be by example: PMS, any problem related with menstruation, extremely difficult menopause, urinary incontinence, problems with fertility, depression,  constant feeling of exhaustion, lack of motivation, feeling of being lost, problems to express your feelings or express your sexuality…

In Women root’s retrieval method we use meditation exercises, movement-breathing exercises, hormone yoga, trancedance and a massage treatment. I teach everything in group courses, except the massage that it is a treatment I give in a private session.

This method begins to take form in the year 1997 when I was writing my thesis at the university, this thesis name was “Dance awareness” and I  got a group of 30 women to work with, they had all a degree of chronic depression, they suffer from different problems related with menstrual periods, migraine headaches, many of then had being victims of sexual abuse, they had an absolute disturbed self-image and they absolutely lack of happiness. I notice how so clearly all their pelvic bowl area was for them so denied and kept under a thick and hard cover of deep shame. The work was so intense and I was so touched and impress that in that moment only a small percent of the wholeness I realize I could use it for writing my thesis. It took me afterwords many years of re-thinking all of that to get to deeply understand what the happens.

I can still see their bodies dancing and smiling after one year of meetings once a week. They where my muses. And I will never forget the empowering phrases they teach to me.

I learn so much from this experiences, specially I learn to believe that each woman has the power to heal own self by facing bravely everything that needs to be faced, letting go what no longer is needed and give birth to herself again and again. This deep admiration, respect and the fact that we need to go through this path in our life to be able to empower ourselves is what keeps me going on with that mission of helping other women already for more than 20 years.


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