About letting go

During over 20 years of working with healing, rituals and ceremonies I have notice that this is one of the themes where people struggle very much, how to let go. So here just some thoughts about letting go.DSC_5117_s

Sometimes letting go can take just a moment and sometimes can take the whole life.
Letting go means having the power to let go, but from where this power can come?, Usually when we are in a need of letting go we are very tired, or ill, or in pain, we feel quite powerless. Also we are under the influence of a neo-capitalistic system of ”Buy this and that to be someone” ”Buy this to become beautiful” ”Buy that again to be happier” ”be thin and you will fulfill yourself” ”look successful and spiritual with this products” and so on, all things telling you that in you there isn’t enough of anything to make you worth it, what an horrible and un-powering way of thinking!. In addition to that we have also the influence of all the religions that put the power of life in a god that is there somewhere, outside and far from your reaching. This things among others have been growing up a wrong understanding of so many things, and one of them is the idea that life power is not in you, it is always outside, in things and services around that cost very much money or in this god who is kind of unreachable. That ideas are influencing every day and each moment the way we leave.

The thing is, this ideas are wrong, life power is in you and you can feel it and it can support you more and more if you connect with it.

Now, the moment of letting go is a very powerful moment that usually it does not fulfill the concept of powerful, because is a moment of releasing something. It is stopping from trying to do, managing, taking care of or being busy with certain thing and just letting it drop away from you. It might sound like giving up and because of that again creating all kinds of prejudgments in relation with letting go, like “you should never give up”, “giving up is for losers” and so on.

But think for a moment about breathing, with which one we feel more ”powerful” in our common understanding of powerfulness: with breathing in or breathing out?
Now think about holding your tears and the need of crying, using for that a lot of muscles and mind… and then think about just crying out what you need, which one of them feels more powerful?
The power of letting go is much more deeper and even more enormous than the power of resisting and carrying things you don’t need, because when you breath out you surrender to believe in life, and trust that air will somehow come in again as you need. In the same way when you cry out and feel you cannot stand up anymore and you might even prefer to lay down to have a very good cry you surrender to believe that something will hold you, that something is holding you under your feet and you go down, you go down to the Earth.cropped-dsc_5150_s

The power of letting go reveals a knowledge that is usually hidden in the unconscious of our body, reveals trust and awareness of life cycles and nature wisdom that is inside of each one of us, because we are nature. This wisdom and deep understanding of your own value as part of nature is there inside of you, supporting you.



In another words:

*Letting go is a need you have in order to continue your natural cycle of life freely.

*Letting go is something that you know how to do, it is ancient wisdom in the DNA of your cells.

*And finally, you can let go what you need to, because you have the power to do it.

So go to nature, go back to your wise body, breath, move, feel the presence of you nature, you are not alone, you are not here just as a random thing, you are a part of the nature’s net, you have all the trees, lakes, seas and other animals, other people to learn from them, to support you, so pay attention to their teachings, get connected to nature through your body, just drop down to the earth and release down everything you don’t need to continue carrying, let Earth recycle it and take care of you. This is not for being understood through the logics of the minds, it’s for being experienced through the nature of your body. So I hope you give it a try, trust in your experience!

Gabriela Ariana