Traditional healing

This traditional healing treatment is an ancient way to treat all kinds of problems  independently that the symptoms are physical, phycological or felt as spiritual matters. Traditional healing is an holistic treatment that help us to get in touch with our own strength, with the body’s natural capacity of healing own self. After a treatment you get to feel that something that you really needed has happened.

A traditional healer serves other people, own community and nature. She has walk a long and deep path among metaphysical experiences and processes and from that  she has come out as a healer. A traditional healer must keep a way of life that makes possible her work as a healer where the central axe is a deep connection with nature and own ancestor’s wisdom.

In Roots to empower your nature’s traditional healing treatment we use drum and voice technics, smudge, touch/massage and also sometimes if needed herbs oil. Every treatment get its form depending on the needs of the treated persons.

By smudging we clean, balance and activate body’s inner mechanisms. For smudging we use different kinds of herbs or trees depending on what is needed as for example white sage, lavender, rosemary, palo santo, cedar, juniper tree, among others. The drumming vibrations waves get through each cell of the body. The mind get relaxed, the body grounded, the metabolism gets active. The person receiving the treatments can also by hearing and felling the drumming get connected with own inner world.

The “hands-on” touch/massage open blocks and tide areas of the body very effectively allowing toxins to leave the body.

The session always star with talking to be able to get an overview of the situation.

With this treatment we can work out also very difficult things wether they are new situations or very old ones. This treatment can also support your healing process in case of a serious illness.

Or maybe you feel you just need a moment for yourself, to get off from daily life stuff, a resting-breathing moment, help to take a decision…In that case traditional healing can be a very good idea.

Sometimes you come with a clear idea of what you need, sometimes you just know you need something but you are not sure what it is, it doesn’t matter, things get clear also through the treatment.

During the session we get clear of what is needed:

-Sometimes we need a regression to a past moment issue that it is influencing your life in a negative way. We bring there healing energy or we take from there what belongs to the present moment. It can rise up the feeling of getting rid of something or giving forgiveness.

-This treatment can help you to get free from old patterns that are not anymore serving you

-By receiving this treatment you can collect energy for own life changes and you can get guidance on what is really important in your life in this very moment

-During the treatment you receive a clear guidance and support to be able to find your own power-resources and at the same free up your creativity and courage.

-This treatment can open emotional blocks, support you to face them, express them and release them.

Roots for empower your nature is the meaning of this treatment. It is suitable for everybody from babies to elders supporting all different periods of your life.

You can book a session by sending a message to juurakonvoima (at)

Prices: 90 min. session 85€

Treatments mainly in Helsinki and Vihti. Also possible to organize tratments’s day in other cities of Finland or abroad.

The Sauna traditional treatment happens inside of the sauna in the spirit of “löyly” 

Going to Sauna is coming back to the uterus, is an extremely transformation place, to let go, clean out, detox and to receive new life energy, to reborn.  As well as Sauna in Finland in almost every ancient culture we can find examples of the same kinds of healing places. In this places mothers gave birth their babies and humans were bath one last time after dying. In this places yet alive people come to let go strongly in body and soul, through being quite, breathing, through letting your weight go down, nicely giving up to receive healing from the elements of nature: fire, water, earth-stones and air. Receiving traditional healing in a sauna is a deep transformative experience.

At the moment I offer Sauna traditional healing treatments at our cottage in Finland. You can also book this treatment to your one place if the Sauna it can be warm up with wood.

The session cost 125€ and it takes around 75 minutes. Includes a beginning talk and all the herbs and brunches to be used during the treatment.

Do you want to book a session? send me a message to juurakonvoima (at)

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